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Stuck on the CS43L22

I have not been making much progress lately. I am trying to get the board to produce sound through its CS23L22 chip. So far, I've managed to:

  • make it accept commands through I2C (which I know succeeded because, well, the commands do not timeout),
  • enable and configure the I2S bus.

I've been sending data on it (basically a simple 440Hz sine wave), but there is no output. I know the bus' clock is configured correctly, because I've been pumping the data onto it directly through SPI3's data register, and toggling a LED every 22100 samples, which works just right (the LED blinks with a period of 2s). I also know that the chip works (because it does produce sound when I run the board's original firmware).

I'm quite sure it's something extremely silly I'm forgetting to do, or doing in the wrong order somewhere... but I have no clue where and what it is.

Posted by Emmanuel Benoît

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